SWMP & Annual Reports

NSP Regional Public Outreach and Education "SWMP"

The NSP communities have come together to implement their required Outreach and Education Program on a regional basis instead of implementing ten individual town-by-town programs.

To facilitate this regional approach, the NSP has created a Regional Public Outreach and Education SWMP or "Stormwater Management Program" document. The regional SWMP details the efforts being undertaken by the NSP to comply with and evaluate the public outreach and education requirements in partnership with our participating communities.

Many NSP member communities have incorporated the NSP Regional Education SWMP into their local town or city based SWMP by referencing the documents on this page. NSP staff maintain, update and revise the NSP Regional Education SWMP as needed.

NSP Regional Outreach and Education SWMP (PDF)

Looking for NSP templates for other sections of the SWMP such as IDDE? Try our NSP tools page.

NSP Annual Reports

Each year, the NSP prepares an Annual Report to document the work it has completed on behalf of it's member communities. Member communities are welcome to copy elements of the NSP Annual Report into their own annual reports for submission to EPA, or may simply reference the NSP Annual Reports which are posted below.

2016 MS4 Permit

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

2003 MS4 Permit