NSP Tools

On this page you will find pertinent MS4 permit documents and a variety of tools and templates developed by the NSP including outlines of permit requirements, model SWMP and IDDE content, and model bylaws.

Nutrient Source Identification Report Drafts (Year 4)

These Nutrient Source Identification reports and the report preparation methodology were developed by the NSP under a FY’21 MassDEP MS4 Assistance Grant. The project was undertaken in partnership with the Connecticut River Stormwater Partnership and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. IMPORTANT NOTE: These reports were developed as grant deliverables and are not necessarily identical to the nutrient source ID reports that individual communities will decide to submit with their permit year 4 annual reports in fulfillment of of their permit obligations. Questions about the reports, the methodology, or requests by communities for additional copies of the GIS data layers or native MS Word format reports can be directed to devine@neponset.org.

MS4 Permit Documents

MS4 Permit Summaries and Checklists

The NSP has prepared documents to summarize the upcoming Year 01 MS4 Permit requirements.

Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) Template

The NSP has created templates for SWMP sections covering all six minimum control measures, as they apply to NSP participating communities.

We have also created a Regional SWMP for Outreach and Education, that will be hosted and maintained directly by NSP staff at yourcleanwater.org/about/swmp. We recommend that NSP participating communities adopt this SWMP “by reference.” Simply include a short statement in your individual SWMP referencing the NSP Regional Education and Outreach SWMP. The Regional SWMP includes suggested adoption language.

Additional NSP IDDE SWMP Resources

The following additional resources are referenced in the NSP Model IDDE SWMP or may be helpful when preparing your IDDE SWMP or operating your IDDE Program

MAPC Catchment Delineation Tools

NSP Outfall Inventory, Prioritization and Reporting Tool

BWSC Example IDDE Plans and Protocols

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) has a longstanding and well developed IDDE Program. The following documents are not available elsewhere online and provide useful examples for other communities. Posted with BWSC permission.

Model Municipal Stormwater Bylaws

NSP Annual Progress Reports

See the public facing SWMP and Annual Report page


This model NOI will enable any NSP member to prepare their NOI quickly. A few basic fields will need to be customized and each community will need to indicate responsible parties for the various tasks. The model NOI includes a partially pre-filled copy of the EPA NOI PDF, instructions, and attachments containing the data needed to fill-in the three major tables in the NOI.

Other Documents