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2016 MS4 Permit Summary

The NSP has prepared several documents summarizing the 2016 MS4 permit for quick reference by various audiences. Note these documents are specific to the TMDLs and impaired waters in our communities and may not be applicable outside the NSP service area.

MS4 5-Year Planning Worksheet

This excel worksheet or PDF file serves as a quick planning tool for MS4 staff. It allows you to make notes on what tasks  you intend to complete in-house, with consultants, or with the NSP, and to indicate what year you plan to start. Areas where the NSP expects to be able to provide members with assistance over the five year permit term are noted. It can also serve as a quick double check for a plan prepared in house or by a consultant to ensure nothing is being missed.


This model NOI will enable any NSP member to prepare their NOI quickly. A few basic fields will need to be customized and each community will need to indicate responsible parties for the various tasks. The model NOI includes a partially pre-filled copy of the EPA NOI PDF, instructions, and attachments containing the data needed to fill-in the three major tables in the NOI.

Annual Progress Reports

The NSP prepares an annual progress report that summarizes what was accomplished in the prior year. Member communities may select items from this report to include in their own annual reports to EPA, or may attach it in whole.

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