Outreach Materials

The new MS4 stormwater permit requires Towns to will implement a public outreach and education program. Communities participating as an active contributing member rely on the NSP to ensure that their town’s outreach implementation and reporting requirements are met. The Neponset Stormwater Partnership creates and helps distribute seasonal educational materials that are required to be implemented in order to meet new stormwater permit requirements.

Current Campaign Materials – Fall 2019 Leaf Campaign

Click here for previous 2019 campaign materials.

Click here for 2018 campaign materials.

The Town’s outreach and education program targets four key audiences as specified in the MS4 Permit:

  • Residents
  • Businesses, Institutions and Commercial Facilities
  • The Development and Construction Sector
  • Industrial Facilities

The table below summarizes the outreach and education materials that the NSP provides in order to meet the permit requirements.

A variety of outreach materials for MS4 audiences are available for use by all Neponset Stormwater Partners.  Please the contact Neponset River Watershed Association if there are any questions: 781-575-0354.

Other Outreach Materials