Storm Drain Marking

The NSP’s Volunteer Storm Drain Marking Program

Did you know that stormwater pollution is the #1 cause of water pollution in the Neponset River Watershed?

A simple but effective way to help reduce stormwater pollution is to educate the public and draw attention to the issue. Placing informative storm drain markers at visible storm drains is one method that we can use.

If you’re looking for an active way to help out in your community, consider volunteering for the Neponset Stormwater Partnership’s Storm Drain Marking Program.

The Neponset Stormwater Partnership (NSP) maintains a stock of materials needed to mark storm drains with effective messages that let everyone know that drain is connected to a waterway. All that’s needed is volunteers to install them!

The process is simple: the aluminum markers are attached to hard surfaces near storm drains using adhesive, which comes in a simple squeeze tube. Volunteers are given all the materials they need, along with instructions and a map of the area they’d like to mark.

Become a Volunteer!

There are thousands of storm drains in the Neponset Watershed that need to be marked and we are seeking volunteers of all ages to help with this important project. Supplies and training will be provided. For more information, please email us at

Why Mark The Storm Drains?

Storm drains make it easy for stormwater to make its way to the nearest water body, but pollution can also follow the same direct pathway and hurt our local waterways. The pollution can come from many places, but the simplest is when non-stormwater items (such as oil, trash, paint, wash water, etc.) are dumped directly into storm drains. Educational marking at storm drains can help to highlight this connection and serve as a warning to any would-be polluter of the consequences of dumping items into storm drains.